A scandal in Zagreb hospital: A young man (24) went wild during the examination, he threatened the doctors and he broke everything around him

This is the second attack on doctors in just a few days

Just a few days after the attack on the medical staff on the Department of Tumor treatment of Zagreb hospital Jordanovac, there has been an attack on the medical staff of the hospital Dubrava, writes Vijesti.hr.

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- The man who came to the emergency reception at the hospital created chaos. He activated the fire extinguisher, he threatened the security and the police, he attacked the medical staff and he ravaged the clinic - said the eyewitness of the event.

The police arrested him with the use of force.

- An incident took place during the night in the hospital Dubrava where a patient emptied the fire extinguisher on the premises of the emergency clinic - confirmed the head of the hospital Dubrava Srecko Marusic for Vijesti.hr.

He adds that there were no attacks on the medical staff and no one was hurt.

- There is some material damage which was fixed during the morning. The perpetrator was arrested by the police.

The police received a call about the incident half an hour after midnight. It is a 24-year-old who went to the emergency clinic reception for examination. According to the medical staff, he turned the fire extinguisher and he used it to smash open the door, and then he threatened the staff.

According to the unofficial information, the man was upset during the examination, and then he took the fire extinguisher, he smashed the hospital inventory, and he sprayed the hallways and the clinic with fire extinguishing foam. The workers of the hospital have been cleaning the emergency clinic for the entire morning.

All patients have been redirected to other hospitals. 

Last Friday, in the offices of the hospital Jordanovic, a 26 year old, a minor, a 49 year old woman, and a 25 year old attacked the medical staff after the death of the seriously sick member of the family, claiming that they gave morphine to the diseased person, and that is what killed him.

You can watch the video HERE.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Vijesti.hr)

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