New train accident near Mladenovac: The ramp is up, the train is passing and a car hits it (VIDEO)

The accident took place on February 21st

A series of accidents on poorly marked railway crossings continues with another accident which happened near Mladenovac five days ago, and luckily, no one was injured in this accident

A train hit a bus near Nis and cut it in half: At least three people died, blood all over the place (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

As they said in "Serbian Railways", the car hit their wagon.

- "Audi" with Montenegro license plates hit our locomotive between the stations Kovacevac and Mladenovac. No one was hurt and our commission came to the scene and we are expecting the report on this event - they said from "Serbian Railways".

The ramp on this crossing wasn't working, which can be clearly seen on the photo, and the light signals and the ramp itself were covered with black bags. Only the sign "STOP" is visible. 

To recall, in the case that a ramp is not working, the train driver must stop the train right before the crossing, to give the sound signal, and then cross the zone with minimum speed.

The investigation will show what happened on this crossing and how was it possible that the car driver didn't see the train.

VIDEO: Terrible! The train is passing and the ramp is up! 

(Telegraf.co.uk / M.B. / G.A.)

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