Bosnian teenagers who ran from home to join Jihadists in Syria: This is their message from the warfront

Sabina and Samra lived in Vienna with their families before escaping to Syria

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Bosnian teenagers who escaped from Austria in 2014 to join the Islamic state, Sabina Selimovic, and Samra Kesinovic, are now among the jihadist women who are begging to return to Europe with their children.

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They were 14 and 15 years old when they decided to join jihadists and they soon ended up on the front pages of European media. In the last few years, different information could be heard about them, even that they have died.

However, according to the latest information of the Office for protection of rights and the Prevention of Terrorism, both girls are alive, they have children, and they are begging to return back to Vienna.

A British woman, who is also one of the brides of the Islamic state, claims that the girls are now of age, and they are together with their children in the camp near Idlib on Kurdish-Syrian border. 

Although legally speaking they both have Austrian citizenship and have the right to return, the Austrian Ministry of internal affairs is reluctant about their return, especially because it is supposed that they both participated in combat.

The ministry of Foreign affairs is prepared to help the teenagers to return.

Sabina and Samra lived in Vienna with their families before moving to Syria. After posing while holding the automatic rifles in their hands and openly supporting the Islamic State on Social networks, they became famous around the world as "new faces of Jihad".

(Telegraf.co.uk / 24sata.hr)

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