Armed Albanians in a village in Serbia alarmed everybody: They took pictures with children showing the Albanian black eagle with their hands (PHOTO)

The locals of the village Dolovo near Pancevo said it is unacceptable for the state to remain silent on these threats

The locals of Dolovo near Pancevo gathered in front of the bakery in the center due to the owners and employers who published photos with the symbols of Greater Albania - spread hands presenting the black eagle and with the flag of Albania, and as they are posing with weapons in front of their house.

What Albania is doing is bordering with the unofficial announcement of the war to Serbia: Drecun on a joint military exercise of Tirana and Pristina

Foto: Facebook

- Yesterday Kosovo - today Dolovo! What can we hope for, that they will kill us here, they will take our organs and they will harass us? We fear for our families and we are worried for our safety because they are directly calling for violence - they said on the protest in the center of Dolovo.

Milica Djurdjevic from "Zavetnik", who published the photos of the owners of the bakery, write a comment "Dolovo became a target of Great Albania".

Foto: Facebook

She wrote the names on Facebook of the owners of the bakery, stating that the residents of Dolovo gathered in front of Bakery and they are asking the reactions of authorities and she invited the locals not to buy the products in that shop.

Foto: Facebook

- I am asking - what are our authorities doing and how is it possible that we allow unhidden Albanian extremists to open their bakeries and to walk armed in the middle of Banat? - wrote Djurdjevic.

The gathering took place yesterday, on March 21st.


The owners of the bakery were questioned, and no weapons were found during the search of the house.

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