Evil is coming for Serbs on the north of Kosovo: Pristina plans to "round off sovereignty throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija"

Nebojsa Covic considers that great pressure has been exerted on Belgrade to agree on the agreement on normalization of relationships, which should result in mutual recognition

The former head of the Kosovo Police Coordination Body, Nebojsa Covic, believes that there is evil coming for the Serbs in the north of Kosovo and that Pristina government, with the support of the foreign mentors, plan to "round off sovereignty on the entire territory of Kosovo and Metohija". 

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Covic, in his text for the Serbian Telegraf, recalled that this year is the year of two anniversaries, 70 years of NATO and 20 years of bombing of Serbia and, he adds, a great pressure has been exerted on Belgrade to agree on the agreement on normalization of relationships, which should result in mutual recognition. 

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- The crimes, the bombing of Serbia, of the USA, Great Britain and NATO would be washed away with that and numerous civilian and military victims of the bombing and enormous material damage would be placed ad acta - adds Covic.

Covic, among other things, reminds of the KFOR statement about the legitimacy of the activities of the Albanian forces in Kosovo, including northern municipalities with the majority Serb population.

He believes that because of this, the Serbian majority institutions should urgently send the demarche to the NATO Secretary General and the governments of the member states.

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- This step should be taken as soon as possible for the following reasons: Pristina is preparing a big celebration of the "20th anniversary of liberation," and formed a special work group dealing with it, the "Queen mothers" of Kosovo project are coming - Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton, and the family Blair will be there", said the former vice prime minister of the government of Serbia.

Covic warns that the Pristina authorities will need some big step that has weight, which, bearing in mind the coordinated efforts of Britain and Germany to present northern municipalities as criminal environments and recent statements by KFOR leaders, is likely to complete the "sovereignty" across the entire territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

He adds that the associates of the American president Donald Trump have warned about this and this should be taken seriously, reminding that in the last NATO Council, Russia, China, and Donald Trump were presented as the main enemies of Alliance.

VIDEO: Distributing KFOR groups

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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