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The robbery of the century recorded in Albania: Thieves charged into the runway of the airfield and took millions in 2 minutes (VIDEO)


No one can claim how much money the masked robbers took

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Albanian military took over the control over the airport in Tirana, two days after the armed robbery where the attackers stole over 10 million euros and they disappeared after the shooting with the police. One of the robbers was killed, and the search for them produced no results.

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The concessionaire of the airport and the government of Edi Rama shift blame to the security breaches. "Austrian airlines" no longer transport money from Tirana.

Armored vehicles of the Albanian army took positions around the airport "Mother Teresa" in Tirana, trying to regain the part of the trust into the general security in the country which was seriously shaken with the "robbery of the century" which took place on the airport runway on Tuesday.

A group of robbers, whose number is still speculated, charged into the runway and took bags of money from armored vehicle. Two days later, it is still unsure how much money they took, since the first estimates were 1.7 million, and they gradually grew to 2.2, and now all 10 million euros are at stake. 

The robbers entered the runway through the side gate and attacked the armored van at the moment when the workers of security prepared to move the bags with money to the airplane of the Austrian airline.

The police finally arrived who started chasing the robbers and one of the attackers died in the shooting that followed. The police couldn't determine how many people participated in the robbery. Also, the claims of the police that the leader of this gang was murdered in the shooting met fierce criticism of the media and the opposition.

Foto: AP/Tanjug

Who is the attacker?

The attacker was identified as Admir Murataj, and rewatching the security footage, it was determined that 5 people were in a white van, which was later set on fire. 

Several hours after the robbery, the Albanian police activated all its capacities, including helicopters, in order to find the attackers, but the search resulted with unspectacular results, besides the police finding the burned vehicle used to escape the airport.

The prime minister Edi Rama joined the discussion, who stated over Twitter that "Chinese company had a security breach".

- The airport doesn't belong to the Chinese, but to Albanians - answered the Chinese company, and the minister Olta Dzacka placed members of the military police around the object.

The leader of the opposition Ljuljzim Basa joined the discussion asking the police how come the van which had such an amount of money didn't have a police escort, although, that kind of escort is needed by the law if more than 950.000 euros are transported.

The Chinese came to the concession of the Tirana airport by "pure luck" since the government first made a contract with Germans in 2004, and then the German partners sold the part of the shares to the Spaniards. In the end, the Chinese took the package of shares in 2016 for two million euros which were in Spanish possession.

The Albanians weren't happy with the work of the concessionaire from the start, first of the Germans, and then the Spaniards, and then the Chinese, stating that the prices were too high.

There was a real torrent of criticism by the opposition, which has been protesting against the government of Edi Rama, up to the point were several opposition leaders accused the ruling coalition of absolute amateurism, which ultimately led to such robbery.

In the past four years, more than 4.5 million euros were taken in 4 robberies on the Airport in Tirana. 

(Telegraf.co.rs / RTS)

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