The entire Twitter laughs at Haradinaj: He fell for the old Russian oke, so he deleted his tweet as soon as possible (PHOTO)

The prime minister of the so-called state showed that he doesn't have great knowledge of international politics

Vladimir "Vovan" Kuznecov and Aleksej "Luksus" Stoliarov, Russian radio journalists famous for their telephone pranks of politicians all over the world, stuck again, and this time, the target was Ramush Haradinaj, the prime minister of so-called state Kosovo.

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In the post which was removed from his Twitter account, Ramush Haradinaj wishes his friend "Petar Porosenko and the future prime minister Vovan Leksusov all the best and the victory in the second election row on Sunday". 

The post was obviously deleted when an official or some of his assistants realized that "Vovan Leksusov" is just a combination of the nicknames of the comedians.

Unfortunately, Haradinaj hasn't managed to delete his tweet before the other users saw it, they screenshot the post and shared it over the internet.

- How are politicians still falling for this?! - wondered the British journalist Shaun Walker, guessing that Vovan and Leksus must have called Haradinaj and represented as Ukranian president Petro Porosenko and they promised that Ukraine will recognize Kosovo if they win. 

He hopes that the audio recording of their last talk will be published with it.

A few speculated what could have caused Haradinaj to fall for such an obvious prank, and a user suggested that Haradinaj must be lonely and he couldn't wait for someone to talk to him. 

British journalist and an expert for East Europe, Graham Phillips made a joke with the deleted tweet, suggesting that Haradinaj could have easily checked if someone is "trolling" him.

- Haradinaj could have found out if someone is messing with him if he followed the news in the past few years, or if he just googled "Vovan Leksusov" - he wrote.


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