An indictment against the father of the rapped boy in New Belgrade: He shot a father of the child who attacked his son in the bushes

Zoran J. asked for a deal and a confession agreement

The Belgrade Prosecutor's Office issued an indictment against Zoran G. (50) from Belgrade who wounded S.J., the father of the boy (11), who raped his son (6) in June last year. The accused Zoran G., who is charged with causing general danger and illegal carrying of weapons, offered the prosecution a confession agreement. 

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If the prosecutor adopts his counsel's proposal, he could face one year under a house arrest, writes "Blic".

Novi Beograd Hronika, pucnjava

Foto: Telegraf

Grujic was released from detention after the hearing in the prosecution. The entire case caused a great disturbance in the public when there was shooting in New Belgrade, where S.J. was wounded, he is the father of the boy who is suspected that he raped the son of Zoran G. 

When his son (6) complained that another boy (11) harassed him in the bushes near the building, Grujic went to solve the situation with the parents of the boy. As he later told the police, he found the mother and grandma of the boy, and then he got into a conflict with his father, then he took the gun from the table and he shot the man. 

He shot him and his wife, inflicting minor injuries.

Novi Beograd Hronika, pucnjava

Foto: Telegraf

- That boy took my child into bushes, where he took off his underwear and he sexually harassed him, and the doctor's exam confirmed it, where it was determined that he has injuries created during sexual harassment - claimed Zoran J. and he added that a neighbor saved the boy from the attacker.

The boy (6) felt terrible after the attack, said his father.

- When I found out that the boy who attacked my son lives in the building across us, I realized that the mother and the grandmother watched everything - he said.

Novi Beograd Hronika, pucnjava

Foto: Telegraf

At the hearing, Zoran J. repeated his reasons for attacking K.J. and S.J. The examination of the boy (6) was performed and it was determined that he has injuries characteristic for raping. The suspected Zoran G. denied that the gun was his. The police never found that gun.

Shooting after the conflict in the apartment 

- We welcomed Zoran G. into our house as a parent, we offered him something to drink, we talked about the problem which occurred and I really don't want to talk about it in the media - said the grandma of the boy (11) who is suspected that he raped another child (6).

According to her, Zoran G. stood up at one moment, she and her daughter realized that he went towards the door to get his son since they live 2 buildings away. They stood up to walk him out, and then the older woman saw the gun in his hands. That is when he shot the son in law and the daughter.

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