A terrible story from a village in Serbia: Newborn found dead in the toilet. The autopsy confirmed terrible doubts

The police will investigate the motive of a crime which happened in this village Belotica near Valjevo

The Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Valjevo issued a decision to detain Jelena V. (29) up to 48 hours who is suspected of committing the murder of a child at birth.  

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At the autopsy of the body of a newborn child, it was found that death was violent and that the baby was strangled.

The police will investigate the motive of a crime which happened in this village Belotica near Valjevo.

The baby's body was found in a toilet wrapped in a vest, and there was a lot of blood.

To make the story even more complicated, the family of the girl didn't even know that Jelena was pregnant and they were completely surprised by the events.

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Allegedly, the mother did not want to cooperate with the police at first, and then she was trying to justify herself with the words "she had a spontaneous abortion", Blic writes.

To recall, Jelena V. (29), from the village Belotic near Osecina, was admitted in the regional hospital in Valjevo on Tuesday morning, it was soon determined that she had a baby, but she didn't want to say where the baby was.

The woman went to the gynecology department of Valjevo hospital due to bleeding, but it was determined right away that she gave birth in the night between Monday and Tuesday, at the seventh month of pregnancy. Since the doctors requested her to tell them where the baby was. The police were informed and she refused to cooperate.

In the meantime. The police found the placenta and a lot of blood in an outdoor toilet in Belotic, where Jelena lives, and she was suspected that she murdered her child after the birth.

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