"Defense of freedom", a spectacle in Nis: Great military-police parade for the Victory Day

We will show "Sumadija", "Morava" and "Pasars" and "Alas" of our defensive industry, said Vulin

Russian tank T-72 will be presented for the first time on the military-police parade "Defense of Freedom" which will be held on the occasion of the Victory Day in Nis. Serbia will receive the tank based on the military-technical agreement with Russia, announced by the Serbian defense minister Aleksandar Vulin.

GROUND WAS SHAKING: Serbian army and police showed their strength and power

- We will have a great pleasure to show Russian tanks T-22 to entire Serbia, which we will receive within the military-technical agreement which was achieved between the presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Vladimir Putin, which will significantly strengthen our armored units - said Vulin.

He stated in the News of Radio Television of Serbia that the members of the Interior Ministry and the Army of Serbia will show what they have and what they can do at the parade in Nis, and the citizens will have the opportunity to see products of the defensive industry.

- We will show "Sumadija", "Morava" and "Pasars" and "Alas" of our defensive industry. Numerous modifications in some of the systems which are already included in our weaponry and - said Vulin.

Minister Vulin stated that the parade is held in Nis under the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Army because the city of Nis is one of the cities which was devastated the most - in the World War II and all of the wars that happened after.


Foto: Tanjug/Zoran Mirković

- We shouldn't forget that Nis had terrible civilian victims during NATO aggression and great victims and contribution in the fight for freedom in all the wars that Serbia had - said Vulin

He mentioned that Serbia is not just Belgrade and that Nis is a big and important city which deserves to be visited by the entire state.

For the first time, the veterans of the wars of the nineties are participating in the parade, and the minister said that he has been talking with them with pride and respect since 2012.

He says that they are no longer people who had to hide that they fought NATO or that they participated in the Homeland wars during the nineties in the areas of former Yugoslavia.

- Those are the people which we respect and we finally give them the honors they deserve. There was silence about that generation of soldiers like never before as if we were ashamed of them. We are proud of them. That is why we have the opportunity to see them march in front of entire Serbia because they fought bravely, and we are proud of every soldier, every officer, every policeman which defended this country - said Vulin.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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