Teme: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic

Vucic at meeting with Saudi Arabian ambassador: Serbia ready to promote economic co-operation (PHOTO)

America's short and clear message to Thaci: "You know what your obligations are"

We will not impose solutions for the problem of Kosovo, but there is a willingness to engage in reaching an agreement: The important American message

Arrests on Kosovo: ROSU arrested six Serbs, members of Kosovo Police (VIDEO)

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Attack on Serbia from two sides: They are "setting on fire" the Raska area and the south of the country (VIDEO)

Exclusive: President Vucic drove the crew of Telegraf on the new highway (VIDEO)

Kosovo police preparing arrests in northern Kosovo: Vucic revealed Pristina's plan for Monday

"Devil's carriage" and MiGs flew over Nis! The most modern weapons of the Serbian Military and Police presented along with "March on the Drina" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

"Defense of freedom", a spectacle in Nis: Great military-police parade for the Victory Day

Footage of Vucic ignoring the protocol of taking a picture together with Albanian president and Kolinda (VIDEO)

Vucic congratulated Victory Day to Putin

Serbian consultations ahead of Tirana meeting: Vucic and Dodik's meeting (PHOTO)

Vucic sent condolences to Putin for the tragedy that occurred in Moscow: "We were deeply shaken by the videos of the terrible accident."

Vucic met with Xi Jinping: Economic Cooperation and Kosovo and Metohija are the main topics with President of China (PHOTO)

The Honorary Chinese Guard and Red Carpet for the President of Serbia: Vucic arrived in Beijing (TELEGRAF AT THE SCENE)

Support to the French people from president Vucic: We are with our friends and we are prepared to help with the restoration

I accepted the advice of the Supreme Commander: Vulin announced his decision on a hunger strike (PHOTO)

I invite all institutions in Serbia to react! Vucic told citizens not to worry "because of the last fascist break-in of opposition in City Assembly" (PHOTO)

The problem of Swiss bank loans should be solved with banks, and not with the money of citizens: Economists support the help, but only if it's not from the budget

A German expert on the Balkans has offered a proposal for the solution of Kosovo problem: What is the so-called Ischinger's plan?

Vucic surprised the protesters who have bank loans in Swiss francs, alone and without police: I can't tell you fairytales, this is the deadline for the help of the state (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Vucic called the Croat on the phone who said that foreign services are behind protests in Belgrade: The head of Zagreb for emergency situations revealed the details

Vucic requested releasing the people arrested for charging into Radio-Television of Serbia and he announced the pardon of the convicted

There won't be any unpunished violence: The president of Serbia about the protesters charging in the Radio Television of Serbia and protests in Belgrade

We are ready to intervene whenever security is endangered: KFOR spokesman for Telegraf about Thaci threats with the army and the police to Serbia

This tragedy is sending a strong message that we must be united before the cruelty of terrorism: Vucic send condolences to the governor of New Zealand

The long-lasting and strong friendship between Serbia and China: Vucic and Ambassador Chen Bo discuss the forum of Leaders for "Belt and Road" (PHOTO)

Vucic on dramatic events in the previous 24 hours: He announced the answer of Belgrade to requests from Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija in the next 45 days (PHOTO)

For the first time, Trump wrote in the letter to Vucic what is the key to relations with Pristina: He officially mentioned the mutual recognition