Famous Serbian actor Misa Janketic passed away

In a lavishly rich career, he has played over a hundred roles in the theater, mostly in his Yugoslav drama theater

Today, at the age of 81, one of the greatest Serbian and Yugoslav actors, Mihailo Misa Janketic, passed away in Belgrade

This Serbian city barely has 11.000 citizens, and it gave two Oscar winners and a lot of famous actors (PHOTO)

In a lavishly rich career, he has played over a hundred roles in the theater, mostly in his Yugoslav drama theater.

He left a huge mark on film, television, and radio. He is the winner of all the most significant acting and social awards, the Dobrica Ring, the October Award, the four Sterija Awards, the "Pavle Vujisic" Prize for Lifetime Achievement.

He played the first role on the scene of the Yugoslav Drama Theater in the play Richard III in 1961. He was a member of the JDP ensemble from 1962 to 1998. During that period, he played in more than sixty roles. Misa Janketic had his last premiere on the seventieth birthday of the Yugoslav Drama Theater in the play King Betajnove, he was playing Krnec (2018).

Mihailo Miša Janketić

Foto: Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište

He was born on May 24, 1938, in Novi Sad. He finished high school in Belgrade. He studied literature studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, but after three years, in 1958 he became a student at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film, and Television.

He graduated in 1962 in the class of professor Mate Milosevic. In the scenes of the Yugoslav Drama Theater, he was Igo in the Dirty hands of Z. P. Sartre, Uros V in the Death of Uros V.Stefanovic, Ljuba Vrapce in the play When Pumpkins Blossomed, Raskolnikov in Crime and punishment FM Dostojevsky, Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire, Horvat in Wolfhound, Alessandro Medichi in Lorenzaccio, Duke Misic in Kolubara Battle and Valjevo Hospital, Blagoje in Traveling theater...

Mihailo Miša Janketić

Mihailo Miša Janketić. Foto: Tanjug/Dragan Stanković

He is the winner of the annual awards of the Yugoslav Drama Theater for the roles of Boris Anenkov (Pravdenici), Bredli (Buried Child), Jesus (Unbaptised day), Zivojin Misic (Kolubara battle), Gavrilovic (Rodoljupci), Major Bozic (Seobe), Mayor (Revizor) Jevrem Prokic (People's Representative).

He also played with great success on the scenes of other theaters (Atelje 212, National Theater, Belgrade Drama Theater, Serbian National Theater, Zvezdara Theater ...)

He has received the October Award of the city of Belgrade for the role of Raskolnikov in the play Crime and punishment in 1971, Sterija award for the role of Jagos the King (Claustrophobic comedy 1987, Zvezdara theater), Jevrem Prokic (People's representative 1991), Count Nikola (Princess Ksenija of Montenegro, 1994) and Cica Dragi (Deadly motorists, 2005, Atelje 212).

Mihailo Miša Janketić

Foto: Jugoslovensko dramsko pozorište

He worked on the film with the most important domestic directors. Misa Jankovic acted in the movies Dream of Purisa Djordjevic, How did Romeo and Juliet love each other? of Jovan Zivanovic, Nun and the commissary, Horoscope, Murder in a cruel and sinister way, Girl from Kosmaj, Wedding, Winter in Jacobs field, Svetozar Markovic, How I Was Systematically Destroyed by an Idiot, Beginning blow, Sex - the party enemy number one, The fifth butterfly...

He played in TV dramas and in series: Dimitrije Tucovic, Otpisani, Farm in Mali Rit, Nepokoreni grad, Gray home, Vuk Karadzic, Better life, Forgotten, Happy people, Family treasure, My father's murderers, Hide and Seek...

Mihailo Janketic studied pedagogical work as a professor of acting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.

The date of the funeral and commemoration date will be published later.


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