The ultimate choice of "Game of Thrones": Westeros has a new ruler, but did the Great council make the right choice? (PHOTO)

Attention, this text contains a lot of spoofers from the latest episode "Game of Thrones"

"The Game of Thrones" in the latest episode reaches to the inevitable question - who should rule over the Seven Kingdoms? Tyrion (for some reason) thinks that the best choice is Bran because he can spy on people and he can't have children?!? And almost everybody present in the Great Council shares Tyrion's arguments.

Yes, above all, Tyrim mentioned just that. He asked "Who would be better to lead them into the future from the person who knows the past", but the good argument from our world is: "The ones who don't know its history are doomed to repeat it" would be more efficient. 

- I know that you don't care for power, and I am asking you right now, if we choose you, will you wear the crown? Will you lead the Seven Kingdoms from this to your last day? - asks Tyrion.

- Why do you think I've crossed all of this road? - answers Bran, and no one in the great council thinks about asking: "Wait, you knew that this is going to happen all along and you kept quiet? All this blood so you can sit on the throne?". 

They didn't think about that, and we, the viewers have more information, we could wonder, did Tyrion make another debacle and he chose the worst possible person to rule?

Od Majke Zmajeva do Gospe od Winterfella, pogledajte fotografije iz poslednje sezone serije Igra Prestola (Game of Thrones).

Foto: Helen Sloan/HBO

As if Tyrion said to the people present: Pick a boy who entered the tree, he thinks that he is a tree eyed raven and he spends more time with other animals than in his own body. Does he wonder how will they explain this to the ordinary people, those who didn't fight in the wilderness, that the magic is present in animals only a little, that they are afraid of dragons and everything supernatural?"

About Bran itself - we know to predict that the dragons will fly over the King's landing.

Did he see in another vision and how the capital is burning? Did he allow that to happen?

Even if he did not know what Danny would do it, he surely knew what was going on. He himself says he sees all the present, but just as in the battle of Winterfell, he did nothing about the burning of the King's Landing.


The premise that comes to mind is that Bren will be a great leader. And then his first decision as king-president is: "No problem, let half of the country be torn away. Independence of the province, demarcation, what's wrong?" He was the throne is 30 seconds, and this is his first decision.

And why did Yara Greyjoy and the new prince of Dorne (whoever they were) didn't ask for the same? Dorne is the last one which came to the seven kingdoms because they fought to preserve their independence for decades. The Iron Islands have a part in this story because Balon Greyjoy, Yara's father, was one of the kings in the war of five kings. Grayjoys wanted to become independent after Robert's rebellion. Now, when Bran is handing the independence, they suddenly don't want it. Or only Bran's sister has that privilege?

And why does Bran need a master whisperer when he knows everything?

"The Game of Thrones" was supposed to be a (magic aside) representation of the real (mostly) medieval political situations. Of course, we need to know the history, so that we do not repeat it. But in that case, Bran would be a good advisor, not a king. Why would anyone accept the kid who doesn't know how to communicate with others, who belongs to the kingdom which just became independent (it is not giving army, nor taxes), and he says "I am no longer a human being?"

Benioff and Weiss didn't care about the supernatural aspect of the story. They tried to push it aside, that is why The children of the forest disappeared, the Night King and Whitewalkers became irrelevant, and there are so many holes in Bran's powers.

While in the book, Bran is a very, very special child, which has incredible powers in him (similar like Robin Erin #readbooks) and even in the first chapter of the book "Game of Thrones", after the Bran's prologue, his rise seemed messy in the show. Clumsy. As if they decided on that along the way.

If it turned out that Bran revealed to everybody that The children of the forest placed him into the throne, that it was all a great plan, that he made Danny crazy because he messed with her mind, he telepathically told Varys to crown John, just like the fans predicted from the start of the season, Bran would whisper to Danny's father, king Eris, until he lost his mind... that would be a great story... Or that is at least the opinion of the author of this text, which doesn't have to be true.

Do you think that this solution of the scriptwriters or the idea of J.J. Martin? Who would you like to see on the head of Seven Kingdoms?

Write to us faster than Brienne writes Jamie's history

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