Budva decided to introduce laws for tourists: If you walk without a shirt or in a swimming suit, you will pay a lot

Just like their neighbors, they are planning on imposing penalties for inappropriate behavior

The municipality of Budva plans to introduce order in the daily functioning of the city. Thus, just like neighboring Croatia, Montenegro plans to impose penalties for people who don't wear shirts, up to 500 euros, and walking in a swimming suit, up to 600 euros, while drinking and eating on the public surface can cost you 700 euros. 

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According to the broadcasts of RTV Budva, the competent services in that city have invited citizens to help with their suggestions in drawing up the draft as much as possible because of the importance of the Decision on the utility order in the daily functioning of the city.

- The importance of this decision, as well as the rules and limitations of behavior on public surfaces, can be seen in the decisions of the cities of neighboring countries, for example on Hvar, there is a notice for students about rules and fines they can expect if they don't behave accordingly. Walking without a shirt is fined with 500 euros, in a swimming suit 600 euros, the penalty for eating and drinking on a public surface is 700 euros - they said from the competent municipal services.

According to the decision, they can prescribe various, other rules of behavior that would regulate parking problems, drying of clothes, garbage disposal, the appearance of buildings, loud music, etc.

As this decision stems from the Law on Communal Activities from the relevant municipal services, they emphasize that it is necessary for all citizens to take part in its formation.

- Because of the aforementioned, the Public Call for Preliminary Consultation will last two months in order to prepare the draft of the decision on the communal order that will be at a public hearing in the extended period, so that all interested parties could resolve the problems that have not been defined by the existing regulations - stated from the competent authorities.

(Telegraf.co.uk / RTV Budva)

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