Scandalous "Resolution on the genocide of Serbia on Kosovo" has been adopted in Pristina

The forming of the state commission for establishing a tribunal for the genocide in Kosovo which should trial Serbs for war crimes, was on the agenda

In the Assembly of so-called Kosovo, MPs adopted a resolution on the "Genocide of Serbia in Kosovo" on the alleged genocide of Serbian forces in Kosovo in 1998 and 1999. 79 members voted for this motion, no one against it, RTK reported.

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The agenda also included the request of the Deputy President of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Donika Kada-Bujupi, on the allocation of space for displaying the exhibits as evidence that the Serbs allegedly committed crimes in the territory of Kosovo.

During the discussion in the Assembly of so-called Kosovo, the member of the Initiative, Biljal Serifi, said that the resolution is just the first step in proving the alleged Serbian crimes.

- We have intentionally called it a resolution for Serbian genocide on Kosovo - he said, reports KTV.

Parliamentary parties supported this draft of resolution about the alleged genocide.

Skupština Kosova

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The member of the opposition Democratic coalition of Kosovo, Armend Zemaj, said that his party unanimously supports the adoption of the proposed resolution. However, he noticed that temporary Pristina institutions were unable to reach such a resolution for 20 years since the conflict. Belgrade has charged that his only goal is to destroy political and social institutions in Pristina.

He believes that all who, as he says, deny and minimize the alleged crimes of the 1990s deserve to be punished.

The deputy of the ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo, Egzil Lushtaku, said that the proposed resolution is gratitude for those who, as he said, "sacrificed for Kosovo".

- With this resolution, Serbia will receive well-deserved punishment. We demand that Serbia recognize the genocide committed in Kosovo - he said.

Kosovski parlament

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Sami Kurtes, a member of the opposition movement, says the proposed resolution contains all the existing international reports pertaining to the alleged crimes of genocide and added that "collecting facts is the most problematic part".


Already at the very beginning of the session, there was a problem when MP Daut Haradinaj proposed a resolution on genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes of the former Serbian state leadership in Kosovo, and his proposal was supported by the "Self-Determination" movement, the Alliance for the New Kosovo of Behgjet Pacolli and the "Nisma" Initiative by Fatmir Limaj. 

However, Haradinaj withdrew this proposal in the meantime and did not vote for it.

Members of the parties who supported the resolution said that such behavior was unforgivable and that members of families present in the Assembly were not respected.


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