The unprecedented move by Djokovic on the French Open: He changed the decision of two umpires while Zverev was raging! (VIDEO)

Once again, he showed great sportsmanship

The incredible move of Novak Djokovic! During the 8th gem against Zverev, in the situation when it is 15:0 with the German serve, there was a mistake by the umpire, which Zverev didn't like. The Umpire got down from his chair to check the serve of Zverev and said that the ball is out.

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However, Zverev didn't believe that he complained, he went to the net and demanded the decision to be changed.

Then entered Novak, he looked at it from several angles and then he erased the trail and admitted that the ball was good and he canceled the Umpire's decision.

It can be said that Djokovic received ovations and applause for fair play. Rarely any tennis player would do such a thing, they would mostly remain silent after the decision of the umpires. That is why Djokovic is unique in the world of Tennis.

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