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Milos is an entrepreneur since he was 19: He is the youngest shoemaker in Loznica (PHOTO)


While young people run away from crafts, Milos Ignjatovic chose his profession

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Milos Ignjatovic from Loznica turned 22, and he has been an entrepreneur for three years. Besides starting his own business at the age of 19, this young man is even more "strange" due to the work he does.

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While young people run away from crafts, Milos Ignjatovic chose his profession. Milos is a shoemaker, the youngest in the city. 

- I have graduated from electrical school and my intention was to go to studies, but I also thought that I should know some craft, as they say - in my hands. I played football in high school and I would occasionally go to the shoe shop of our family friend Dragan Jeremic, to patch up my shoes. Little by little, I fell in love with that job, and when I graduated from high school, I have been going to artisan Dragan each day and I learned the craft. He gave me a machine, I made the tools and I created my own Artisan's shop - said Milos.

Miloš Ignjatović

Foto: Privatna arhiva

He was disappointed at the beginning when I didn't "make the cut" on the National Employment Service Contest. But, he believed in his dreams and he didn't give up. He rented a place of six square meters in the center of the city and he started to work without help from the state. 

- I have applied many times for different contests and I never succeeded. The state should help young people who want to work. I am fully dedicated to this work and I intend to develop it so I can make my own leather items, but without the incentives and subsidies, it is impossible. I feel bad because the honest work isn't appreciated enough, but I won't give up, despite all the difficulties - adds Milos.

He has to pay 200 euros a month for taxes, contributions, and rent and he isn't including the electricity and material costs to these expenses. Milos is modest and he has enough profit for - "decent life".

- A lot of people would like to make money overnight, and you can't do that with honest work. I am happy that I can live from what I do. There is always work, all year round, sometimes more, sometimes less. I work nicely, slowly, I try to make my customers pleased, to always stay in the store, not to lie to them that I will finish something and I don't make the deadline. It is a nice feeling when you realize that people recognize that kind of effort and appreciate it - Milos says.

Miloš Ignjatović

Foto: Privatna arhiva

The living standard in Serbia is, unfortunately, on the level where you can't buy new shows often, so many people extend the life of their shoes, boots, by going to the shoemaker. People appreciate crafts, but the repairs can't be charged a lot due to low living standards. Those are all some small repairs, that require a lot of work, and they cost between 200 and 400 dinars (2-3 euros).

Milos, however, overcame this problem by winning the trust of his fellow citizens with his hard and quality work, so they have no doubts in him.

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