A scene from a bus station in Tuzla made the entire region sad: Let the tears drop

A heartbreaking sight of husband and wife who are saying goodbye on the bus station in Tuzla spread over the social networks in a blink of an eye, touching the entire region.

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The photo was published by a Facebook user Irdin Becirkovic, who said in the description that the young man is leaving his wife and child to go into the world to make more money than he could in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to provide his family with a better life. 

The child, he said, is not aware that the father is going away, it was smiling and carried a teddy bear to the station, while the father couldn't hide his tears in those moments.

- In the scene which lasted for several moments, there are a lot of words which weren't said. His manhood failed the test, he is strong, but he dropped a tear. Actually, as if it is important how much of a man you are, you are leaving something behind which you live fore, who cares how much of a man you are. The state failed the test, the state which should hug us all and keep us together, the state which should say: "You are our sons and you belong here". All kinds of things failed, but nothing hurts more than separation - he wrote on the mentioned profile.


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