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No workers in Montenegro, they are importing Indonesians and Filipinos


It is clear that they will lack in the workforce, but the problem will be even greater next year

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Montenegro is struggling with the lack of workers in tourism and this is a problem that will only escalate, and import of labor force is a possible solution.

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How to keep and pay a good worker on the Montenegrin coast will be homework for the state and caterers for the next season, there are already too many problems.

The co-owner of the Montenegro Stars hotel group and president of the Montenegrin Tourist Association MTU Zarko Radulovic says that we have a serious problem and that the only way out is to import labor from Indonesia and the Philippines.

It is clear that they will lack in the workforce, but the problem will be even greater next year.

- We should all ask ourselves why is it like that. The lack of workforce is evident, but that is not the case just here. The Croats have the same problem. It is hard to solve this situation - mentions Radulovic.

He said that the wages can't be increased without jeopardizing the business. The only way is to reduce the fees and to transfer it to wages.  "But I am not sure if that is going to be enough. People expect a lot more than what is realistic", he said.

Radulovic said that the summer season will suffer the most.

- We will have even a bigger problem next year. We have to think about importing workforce. Croatia started importing workforce from Philipines and Indonesia. We have to do that as well. Without it, it will be a dead end for us - said Radulovic for CdM.

The employers' union warned that even Montenegro will not remain immune to the outflow of the labor force that has greatly shaken the countries of the region and beyond, and the consequences of the outflow, they claim, are already being felt a lot.

It should be noted that a large number of Montenegrin workers in tourism went to Croatia this year primarily because of significantly higher wages.

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