Authorities and opposition to hold new meeting on election conditions: Campaign financing in focus

Milan Antonijevic tells RTS that everyone but Dragan Djilas, who announced earlier that he would not attend, had confirmed their presence

A new meeting between representatives of Serbia's authorities and opposition, focused on election conditions, will be held on Friday at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade.

So far, Sonja Liht, Dragan Simic, Vladimir Orlic, Darko Glisic, Uros Kandic, Dejan Djurdjevic, Djordjo Zujovic, Dragan Marsicanin, Zoran Lutovac, Zarko Obradovic, Miroslav Aleksic have all arrived at the meeting.

Executive Director of the Open Society Foundation Milan Antonijevic told RTS this morning that everyone except Dragan Djilas, who announced earlier that he would not attend, had confirmed their presence.

"The SNS, the SPS and parties of the ruling coalition, as well as the opposition parties, except the SzS, have confirmed their arrival," said Antonijevic.


Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic

The second round table of the government and opposition representatives will be partly open to the public, after which the participants will talk according to the Chatham House rule.

As announced earlier, the topic of the second round table will be the financing of election campaigns, and Transparency Serbia has issued recommendations on the topic, which they will present to the participants, according to the announced agenda of the event.

Proposals include amending the Law on Financing Political Activities, the Law on the Anti-Corruption Agency in the part related to the separation of public and political functions, as well as amendments to other related regulations concerning prosecution of criminal offenses related to illegal campaign financing.

Transparency Serbia proposes that these changes be worked on by three special task groups, whose expanded composition would include representatives from political parties and the Anti-Corruption Agency.


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