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Deadline for completion and appearance of Belgrade's new main bus station revealed

Streets will also be expanded because of the station

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The Belgrade bus station (BAS) is scheduled to move completely to a new location by the end of next year. It will be located in Block 42, Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said in an interview with Telegraf.

The plan, he says, is to complete the station plateau by the end of this year, pave it with concrete and to do all the work up to level 0, that is, the exit from the ground.

"There's a lot of underground work. The bus station will be built next year, along with supporting facilities, and it should be completed by the end of next year. Citizens should know that the station is not being built by the City but by the company BAS, who is the owner of the previous one," Vesic said.

He explained that the city merely provided the building land and that once the facility is completed, the City will co-own a part of the office space at the new station, but that BAS is financing the construction.


Lokacija buduće stanice, Foto: Mateja Beljan

The plan is also to expand the roads so that a large number of buses can access the station.

"We are going to expand all the roads around the station next year, that is our plan, because the transfer of buses to New Belgrade will unavoidably increase the volume of traffic," Vesic said.

The exact location of the future station is across the Flea Market, right next to the existing train station in New Belgrade.

It is surrounded by the following streets: Atifasisticke Borbe, Djordja Stanojevica, Jurija Gagarina, Marka Hristica, and with Heroji sa Kosara Boulevard.

The plan is to relocate international, tourist, inter-city and suburban bus traffic there, while city buses will start from Milutina Milankovica Boulevard.

The new station will be located near the highway and the Gazela Bridge, and will be the immediate vicinity of the Ada Bridge.


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