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Trocsanyi replaces Mogherini: Will the Hungarian facilitate Belgrade-Pristina dialogue?

A new format of talks between Belgrade and Pristina is likely to be made, Janjic thinks

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Dusan Janjic from the Forum for Ethnic Relations says a new format of the Belgrade-Pristina talks will likely be made, adding that "new diplomatic players," including Russia, will be involved.

Speaking for Politika daily, he said that in addition to US envoy Matthew Palmer, it's possible that a joint representative of Germany and France will be there, but it's also possible that each of these countries will have its own representative.

"All of them, like Palmer, will be special envoys for the Western Balkans who will follow the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, attend meetings, but the chief negotiator will be the person appointed by the EU for the job, replacing Federica Mogherini. It will most likely be Laszlo Trocsanyi, the commissioner for enlargement, but that has not been decided yet," said Janjic.

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Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

He announced the possibility of including Russia, too, in the dialogue.

"One of the possibilities is to create a special secretariat that would include Russia with its representative, and that is something that is currently being harmonized," Janjic said.


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