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Tijana is a different child in 7 days. Not hungry, laughing, has a plan what to be when she grows up

Now she's a talkative, energetic child, while until a week ago she only one wish - to eat regularly every day

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Tijana Ramani, Surdulica, pomoć

Foto: S. Tasić

In just a week since the publishing of the story about the difficult life of Marija Dojcinovic and her daughter Tijana Ramani from the Surdulica area, the two are covered in packages of food, clothing, shoes and toys. Little Tijana (5) had only one wish, to have something to eat every day. Her wish soon came true. Packages have arrived from all over Serbia.

As she opens them, several egg cardboards are something that little Tijana keeps coming back to.

"Mom, look at the eggs, we'll have plenty to eat, lots of eggs. There are chocolates, there are even white ones, but I prefer dark ones. Now we have something to eat. And I also got toys, there's a kitty, there's a bunny. I also have rubber boots, blue and red, there are sneakers and jackets, socks," Tijana says as she shows a box full of children's socks.

Tijana Ramani, Surdulica, pomoć

Photo: S. Tasic

Marija Dojcinovic still can't believe their life has changed in just a few days.

"We were more often hungry than full, we had nothing to eat, now we literally don't know what to take first. We have yogurt, milk, dried meats, pasta, biscuits, chocolates, pates, ready meals, and I can't see everything. We have been given food to last the whole winter, plus flour, sugar, cooking oil. Thank you all, thank you good people. We got clothes and shoes, mostly new, with labels. There are also shampoos, baths, soaps, washing powder, toilet paper, whatever we need and more. My heart is full and I have no words to express my gratitude for all the kindness that has come to us," Marija talks about her feelings.

Tijana Ramani, Surdulica, pomoć

Photo: S. Tasic

In just one week, Tijana has become a completely different girl. She's now talkative and energetic, while until a week ago she was a child who had only one wish, to eat regularly every day.

She is interested in everything, she would like to learn to write, and finds newspapers particularly interesting. She arranges them, leafs through them, the photos attract her attention. He laughs when he sees attractive ads in them.

Tijana Ramani, Surdulica, pomoć

Photo: S. Tasic

She says that when she grows up, she wants to be a journalist.

She doesn't separate from a doll in a blue dress, which was one of the first packages to arrive at their address, from Belgrade.

"I named her Teodora, that's my second doll. I have a lot of toys now. I don't know which one to play with first, but I like Tijana and Theodore the best. I would love to have them all on one shelf, so they can all be together," Tijana adds.

Tijana Ramani

This was Tijana before Serbia heard about her; Photo: S. Tasic

Tijana i Marija

This is Tijana's home; Photo: S. Tasic


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