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The Belgrade Victor is riddled with bullets: 3D scanner reveals as many as 30 bullet holes

And another big problem has only been solved recently

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The Victor Monument, a symbol of the Serbian capital Belgrade - although it seems overpowering and untouchable, has been heavily wounded during its history.

The latest "examination" has revealed that there are as many as 30 bullet holes in the monument.

"Although, from a height of 17 meters, it looks untouchable to passers-by, the Victor bears the traces of the tumultuous history that he has witnessed - as many as 30 bullet holes have been found during a 3D scan of our hero," the Victor's profile has tweeted.

It is little known that, over time, the monument became seriously skewed along the axis, relative to the vertical. The deviation, which was as big as 30 centimeters, required the immediate rehabilitation of the foundation, but recently works on stabilizing the structure have been successfully completed.

The monument itself is yet to be restored, and works will resume once it stops raining, it has been announced on Twitter.



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