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"Hey, nice jacket," a young Belgrader heard behind his back. He turned around and saw Kevin Spacey

Model Djordje Culafic wrote on Instagram: "Made my day"

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"Hey, nice jacket," a young Belgrader, model Djordje Culafic, heard behind his back. He turned around and saw the famous actor Kevin Spacey, who is spending time in Belgrade these days.

As he walked along the Sava River, Culafic didn't expect to meet the legendary actor. The encounter was recorded with a photo.

"Talked with that man for a bit about music and my hometown and went our separate ways. Made my day," wrote Djordje Culafic and shared a picture he took with Kevin Spacey.

Many followers said they were envious because of his encounter with the star, but there were some who insisted that the compliment about the jacket could have been the beginning of a different story.

The comment probably alludes to the fact that, two years ago, Spacey came out as gay, following the accusation of actor Anthony Rapp that Spacey tried to seduce him when he was only 14 years old.

Soon testimonies by other men followed. The Defamer gossip site that criticizes public figures published 13 stories by anonymous readers received from various parts - including one by an anonymous source who allegedly claimed that Spacey has a type. And the type are tall, slender men with dark curly hair.

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