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"Evil in the eyes": Aleksandar's ominous words hint at horror. He was found hanged, Andjela stabbed

Aleksandar Todorovic, who tried to kill his girlfriend Andjela Simic, two weeks ago posted a picture on Facebook edited with a filter to make him appear with red eyes and horns, like a devil's

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Aleksandar Todorovic, 26, from Kraljevo, allegedly tried to kill his girlfriend, Andjela Simic, 22, from Cukojevac, and then committed suicide in the abandoned house of his grandfather in the village of Pecenog near Kraljevo.

Early on Thursday morning Todorovic stabbed Andjela with a knife all over her body. The girl was left lying in a pool of blood unconscious, when he took the rope and hung himself beside her.

"The girl was literally massacred. She has seven stab wounds all over her body and her injuries are serious. There are four wounds to the chest, two to the neck and one to the abdomen. Her condition is currently stable, but it's hard to make predictions," a source says.

What exactly happened in the night between Wednesday and Thursday in the abandoned house in Pecenog is still unknown. Andjela's mother was the first to suspect that something bad had happened, and she was the one to call the police.

Anđela S.

Photo: Facebook

"Her daughter spoke to her on the phone on Thursday evening and said that she was on a bus from Kraljevo to her village of Cukojevac. The mother came to the station to meet her, however, she did not get off the bus, so her mother called her on the phone, but she was not picking up. The woman then called the police in a panic, and reported her daughter's disappearance," says our source, and continues:

"At almost the same time, the police received a call from Aleksandar's stepfather. The man said that he found a farewell letter left by Aleksandar in the house, which said that he was going to kill himself. Investigators then suspected that Aleksandar had taken Andjela to the abandoned house, so they immediately went there."

The people of Pecenog say this is not the first tragedy in Todorovic's house.

"Aleksandar's grandfather and father also committed suicide. Grandfather Miodrag killed himself in the woods, he shot himself from a rifle not far from the abandoned house in Pecenog, while Aleksandar's father, Nebojsa, hanged himself in the same house where Aleksandar killed himself yesterday," locals say, adding that apparently Aleksandar's family is suicidal.

"After his father killed himself, he moved with his mom and brother to Kraljevo, where his mom remarried. We heard that he was briefly married, but got divorced and had no children," neighbors said.

Kuća pečenog kraljevo

Printscreen: YouTube/Vecernje Novosti

According to our source, a horrific scene was discovered in the house in Pecenog.

"The massacred girl was lying on the floor beside the bed. She could barely breathe. The wounds on her body were terrible. The young man was hanging from a rope. It was immediately visible that he was dead," says the source, adding:

"The house also looked eerie. Things were scattered all over. Open drawers, cabinets, a door fallen out of its frame... There was blood in the room, on the couch, and the furniture fabric was cut through in several places."

It is assumed that Aleksandar and Andjela fought, i.e., that she tried to defend herself against the frenzied young man but lacked the strength.

Workers in a dairy, just across the street from the crime scene, told Kurir that they learned about the incident yesterday at half past six in the morning, when they arrived at work and saw officers conducting an investigation.

Anđela S.

Photo: Facebook

Two weeks ago, Aleksandar Todorovic posted a picture on Facebook with a filter applied that made him appear to have red eyes and horns that looked like a devil's. He captioned the image with the words, "evil in the eyes" - and received an even more bizarre comment from a Facebook friend:

"Everyone kills the one they love."

"Aleksandar was a good young man, occasionally coming to his grandfather's estate and hauling wood with his friends from the forest. The house was abandoned and no one lived in it," one of the dairy workers said briefly.

The injured young woman did not previously report Aleksandar for violent behavior.

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