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What is EU's goal when it comes to Belgrade-Pristina dialogue? This is Brussels' reply

Kocijancic answered the question about whether the EU had "changed its position" regarding the outcome of the Belgrade-Pistina dialogue

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The European Union's goal is to resolve "all issues" in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue once and for all, while it's up to EU member states to deal with Kosovo's status, says EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic.

"The issue of the status of Kosovo is a question for the member states," Kocijancic told Tanjug, when asked whether the EU had "changed its position" regarding the outcome of the Belgrade-Piston dialogue, that is, whether Serbia will be required to recognize Kosovo's independence, as has been suggested recently in diplomatic circles.

Kocijancic pointed out that the EU-sponsored dialogue aims at achieving a legally binding and sustainable agreement.

"That agreement should once and for all resolve all issues between Serbia and Kosovo, be in line with international law and EU criteria and be backed by EU member states and the region," emphasized Kocijancic.

Maja Kocijančić

Maja Kocijancic - Printscreen: Tanjug

Noting that the issue of the status of Kosovo is a "matter for the member states", Kocijancic pointed out that it is precisely on this principle that the EU has developed its past relationship with both Serbia and Kosovo.

Accession negotiations commissioner Johannes Hahn says it is clear from the EU side that the new head EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, will immediately upon taking office deal primarily with the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

Johanes Han

Johannes Hahn - Photo: EC - Audiovisual Service/Lukasz Kobus

Hahn assessed that the EU has only one condition when it comes to the final agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

"The only condition of the EU, but also of the international community, should be that a bilateral agreement doesn't harm the stability, security and prosperity of the entire region," concluded Hahn.



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