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"War" between Partizan and Man United fans, flag for Kosovo removed: 5 things you didn't see on TV!

In the end, the fans took more of the limelight!

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Partizan missed a great opportunity to win at least one point against Manchester United, whom they outplayed in Belgrade last night.

However, the Europa League match ended 0-1 thanks to an unfortunate penalty caused by Nemanja Miletic. Partizan embarked on an all-out offensive in the second half, but failed to score any goals.

Sadiq in particular will have regrets for hitting the woodwork - but all players are determined to present themselves well at Old Traford. It was also interesting in the stands, so out of the top 5 moments you couldn't see on TV, several took place outside the pitch.

Fierce war between the English and Grobari

At the very beginning of the match, Partizan's supporters, nicknamed Grobari, snatched several flags from the visiting fans and showed that they had no intention of giving them a friendly welcome. At the club level, everything went perfectly and amicably, a memorial was held for the English club's legends who lost their lives in the Munich tragedy.

In the stands, however, there was a war that the United fans did not expect. At least five flags were taken from them that were displayed in two stands, so the English wanted to respond in kind in some way.

They first provoked Partizan fans in the north stand after the goal, and were pelted with lighters, eventually moving to the west side of the stadium when the match ended. There were also chants of "Red Star" and "Nemanja Vidic" who is a former Red Star player.

Vladimir Stojkovic was bored!

Partizan goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic did not have much work to do in the game, the only goal he conceded was a penalty kick, and when Partizan had its big offensive in the second half, the goalkeeper was so bored that at one point he even embarked on a warm-up session that lasted a minute and a half.

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Vladimir Stojković nije imao mnogo posla protiv @manchesterunited i minut i po u drugom poluvremenu proveo je - zagrevajući se!

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That's how long his run from one side of the pitch to the other and other exercises took, as his team-mates up front tried to check-mate the United keeper.

Stojkovic's move showed how important it was for him to always be ready for a potential intervention and to avoid relaxing, and his only regret can be not seeing the score change during those minute and a half.


Photo: Telegraf.rs

Fan wearing a balaclava wanted to put up a UEFA Mafia banner, the English took it down

In the final moments of the match, just above a flag displayed by supporters of Manchester United who came from Macedonia, a fan created a balaclava out of his shirt and climbed the fence with a flag he wanted to hang there, that read "Kosovo" in Cyrillic.

That flag was quickly taken away from him as it was obvious that the fan had climbed the fence without the English fans' approval, he was quickly taken off the fence, and then a long argument began which lasted even after the game.

Mančester junajted, Partizan

The argument lasted a long time; Photo: Telegraf.rs

The other part of the banner could be seen too, reading "UEFA Mafia", which the English fans did not want to hang on the fence, and the whole situation caused a great stir among the stewards, the United fans and even the Partizan fans from the north who watched the lengthy discussion confused, which you can see in the video.

Anti-English songs blast in the stadium

The game is over for a long time, with only the Manchester United fans remaining in their sector. The others mostly dispersed, with the exception of a squad of Partizan fans, who remained in the side stands, and who in the beginning snatched the flags from the English.

Finally, Partizan fans started playing at maximum volume anti-English themed Irish songs, showing a banner that they kept especially for the end, which read, "Meeting with the past, 1966.".

The words were written in green letters - the color associated with Ireland, while the year was that of Partizan's big victory over Manchester United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's classy gesture

Many Partizan fans wanted to take a photo with the legendary Norwegian striker, who did not refuse anyone. He would stop every time he was approached even though all the football players were already in the bus waiting for the manager.

Even the clun's security urged Solskjaer to hurry up, the news conference was running long, but he showed class and respect to all those who stopped him eager for another memory from the game.



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