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Hydrologic warning issued, danger to last until November 11: Water levels rising due to rain

There is particular risk when it comes to a river in southwestern Serbia

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Meteorologists are announcing warm weather with temperatures above average until November 14. However, at the same time they are forecasting transient clouds and occasional rain.

The first heavy rain fell this morning, putting traffic in Belgrade to the test, and according to RHMZ, similar precipitation is expected in the next few hours in the south of Vojvodina and in the Belgrade area.

Heavy rain with rainfall of 30-50 milliliters is expected in Sumadija, Pomoravlje and southwestern Serbia, along with thunderstorms.

Due to the increasing rainfall intensity, a hydrologic warning is also in force.

"The Sava water level will see moderate to higher rise until November 11 without reaching the regular flood defense limit. The Lim water levels will rise by November 10 with the possibility of reaching alarming levels. The Drina, Ibar, the upper parts of Zapadna (western) and Juzna (southern) Morava and their tributaries, as well as Beli (white) and Crni (black) Timok will see low and moderate rise in water levels without reaching warning marks," said the RHMZ website.

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