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Attempt to kidnap young footballer in New Belgrade: He fended off 2 men pushing him in the trunk

The perpetrators were arrested in Kaludjerica

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The police in Belgrade have arrested two young men in the Kaludjerica neighborhood on suspicion that they attempted to kidnap a football player, 20-year-old Aleksa T. The incident happened at about 3 am in New Belgrade' Jurija Gagarina Street.

According to available information, there was an altercation first and then a car crash when an Audi hit the footballer's BMW, in which he was the only occupant.

According to the daily Blic, when the young man got out of the car, they tried to push him in the trunk, however, he managed to overcome them and escape.

The two young men then took his car and fled to Kaludjerica, where they were later arrested after Aleksa T. reported the case to police.

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