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Belgraders decide: Old Sava Bridge to be moved to dry land in Usce Park

The poll is over, the citizens chose "Option Two"

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The result of an anonymous poll on the website of the City of Belgrade shows that citizens want to move the Old Sava Bridge to Usce Park.

According to the city leadership's plans, a new bridge for pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be built upstream from the old.

Urban planner Marko Stojcic told our portal that a majority of citizens taking part in the poll "chose the option of moving the construction of the Old Sava Bridge to Usce Park and building a new bridge, which will connect New Belgrade with Ada Ciganlija."

Stojcic said that the chosen option of bridge relocation "involves several interventions, the details of which we can yet expect to be worked out."

The citizens have chosen the option that involves two stages - construction of a new pedestrian-bicycle traffic bridge extending from Omladinskih Brigada Street to Ada Ciganlija, and dismantling of the Sava Bridge, and then its reassembling between the Usce Shopping Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

According to this idea, the bridge in Usce Park would be a "sculpture" at 4.5 meters above the ground, while the space under the bridge would house cultural, commercial and entertainment facilities.

The investment value of the works is about 1.7 billion dinars or about 15 million euros.

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