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All of Vucic's New Year messages: From "don't lose hope" to "we'll work harder and live better"


In about 10 days we'll see in what way the president will summarize 2019, and what his wishes for the citizens of Serbia will be

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Aleksandar Vučić, novogodišnja čestitka

Foto ilustracija: Telegraf/Tanjug/Sava Radovanović/Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

As the end of the year draws near and impressions about the one about to end are being summed up, we logically hope that the coming year will be much better. As tradition demands, during New Year's holidays public figures, including politicians and the current president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, send their greetings to citizens.

In about 10 days we'll see in what way the president will summarize 2019, and what his wishes for the citizens of Serbia will be. Here are some of Vucic's greetings sent in the past.


2018 greetings welcoming for 2019: "It's unlikely we'll find such an economically successful year in our history"

In congratulating the new 2019, Vucic's wish for the citizens was that it would be as good as 2018.

"It's unlikely we'll find such an economically successful year in our history, for our growth to be more than four percent," said Vucic's message for 2019.

Aleksandar Vučić, obraćanje, Predsedništvo Srbije


He stressed that the budget surplus will be more than 300 million euros next year (2019) while wages and pensions will increase further.

"We will work harder and better and people will live better," Vucic said at the time.


2017 greeting: "2018 will be crucial"

Once again, he pointed out to the challenges ahead in the new 2018, but also said that with diligent work, the standard of citizens would be improved through higher earnings.

"This year was a successful year for Serbia, many challenges have been overcome and conditions created for a better future," the president of the Republic said at the time.

"We have succeeded in creating many new jobs, building kilometers upon kilometers of new highways, regional and local roads. We have done many good things for the future of our children," Vucic said, announcing 2018 as one of the crucial years.

Aleksis Cipras, Aleksandar Vučić

Photo: Tanjug/Zoran Zestic

"It is a year when only together and united will we be able to preserve peace and stability, not only in our Serbia, but in the whole region. 2018 must be a year of accelerated European integration for our country, but also a year of successful and versatile cooperation with the Russian Federation and China," Vucic stressed in his message for 2018.


2016 greetings: "Our Serbia's coffers will be safe"

As prime minister of Serbia, Vucic congratulated the citizens of Serbia in 2016 on the upcoming 2017. In a handwritten greeting card, he wished everyone a lot of work while, as he stated, "the coffers of our Serbia will be safe and increasingly fuller."

"You, the citizens of Serbia, managed to achieve that extraordinary result despite all the challenges, especially given the fact that in 2016 we paid as much as 128.5 billion dinars in interest on public debt alone. We achieved a surplus in the state coffers thanks to the work, discipline and faith of you, citizens of Serbia, that we can change both ourselves and our country," said Vucic.

Premijer Srbije Aleksandar Vučić uputio je čestitku građanima Srbije povodom novogodišnjih praznika.

Vucic's greetings from 2016 - Photo: Tanjug/Serbian government

He wrote that "now that the Treasury Administration is closed and there are no more payments (for the year), I want to inform you that the government of Serbia has created a surplus in the budget of 4.2 billion dinars."


2013 greetings: "Don't lose hope"

In 2013, Vucic sent a New Year's greetings to the citizens of Serbia in his role of the first deputy prime minister, wishing them not to lose hope, no matter how difficult things may get and what challenges lie ahead in 2014.

"In the coming year, we all work more and harder, to raise up the only country we have, our beautiful Serbia, to not lose hope, however difficult it may be sometimes and however great the challenges that lie before us may be - but instead to build more strongly, create and prosper," Vucic said in his 2013 message.


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