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Government's coronavirus measures: Citizens from most affected countries banned from entering Serbia


The Serbian government has urged citizens to exclusively follow the advice of professionals

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virus Korona koronavirus

Foto: Tanjug/AP

At today's session, held at 8 am this morning, the government of Serbia adopted additional measures to prevent the spread and to suppress coronavirus, as recommended by our epidemiologists and in accordance with recommendations of the World Health Organization.

"A temporary ban on entry to Serbia is introduced for foreign nationals coming from areas with intensive coronavirus transmission. This applies to persons who have stayed in Italy, certain provinces of the Republic of China, South Korea, Iran and parts of Switzerland.

virus Korona koronavirus

Photo: Tanjug/AP

A recommendation is also made for strict adherence to the ban on the travel of health and social welfare employees of the Republic of Serbia to countries with intensive COVID-19 transmission as well as to the hotspots of the epidemic."

According to a government statement, "this situation has been readily met by our healthcare, taking all necessary measures to minimize the number of those infected. Thanks to the timely and responsible response of our health system, the number of coronavirus patients in Serbia is four."

"There is no room for panic and concern as Serbia has reacted responsibly from the very beginning and tightened control at border crossings, especially at airports. Instructions of the World Health Organization are respected as well as recommendations of our epidemiologists who have been educating themselves for such epidemiological situations for decades, while some of them have had personal experience in dealing with similar situations," the statement said.

The Serbian government urged citizens to exclusively follow the advice of professionals.

"The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia together with the Batut Institute of Public Health of Serbia, a network of public health institutes and competent health institutions monitors the epidemiological situation caused by the novel coronavirus in the Republic of Serbia and around the world, and in accordance with new findings and recommendations of the World Health Organization press releases informing the public, and instructions to health care institutions and other competent authorities and institutions will be issued," it is stated.

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