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Novak Djokovic's big heart on display again as the Serbian makes big donation to Bergamo!

Another humane gesture of our ace - after donating a million dollars to his Serbia

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When it's tough - there's Novak!

The Serbian tennis player impressed the world a long time ago, his deeds leave no one indifferent, and with this one, which wanted to remain unknown, he has delighted Italy, Lombardy and Bergamo.

Our tennis player has donated large funds to the hospital in Bergamo, the city that has been most severely affected by coronavirus since the start of the pandemic

Novak's gesture was revealed by the West Bergamo Health Center director Peter Assembergs in an interview for the Porta a Porta show.

"We received a large donation from abroad that really touched me. What impressed me was that Novak Djokovic, the world number one tennis player who hs already helped his own country plenty was thinking of us in Lombardy and Bergamo in these difficult moments. He is a great man to my mind, I hope to have a chance to thank him one day," Assembergs said, but did not want to disclose the amount of the donation.

Video: Novak and Jelena Djokovic donate a million dollars to Serbia for purchase of ventilators


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