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Spectacular video of arrest of armed, masked Montenegrin threating cafe guests in downtown Belgrade

The police found an automatic Uzi pistol with a silencer during a search of the apartment where M.M. was arrested

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A Montenegrin man (32) who broke into a cafe disguised and armed at around 5 pm yesterday, and then threatened the guests, has been arrested today. A video of his arrest was soon published.

The video shows members of the Criminal Police Directorate breaking into the house where the suspect was staying and then handcuffing him. As can be seen in the video, he did not resist the arrest.

See the arrest in a video at the top of the page.

During the search of the apartment where M.M. was arrested, the police found an automatic Uzi pistol with a silencer, a silicone mask and the wardrobe that he was wearing when entering the cafe.

Members of the police, in cooperation with the competent prosecutor's office, are working intensively to clarify all the circumstances of this event.

The suspect is now detained for up to 48 hours and will be brought to the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade, along with a criminal complaint.

According to the media, two men close to the Montenegrin Skaljari criminal clan were among the guests of the cafe in Branicevska Street in Belgrade's central municipality of Vracar when the incident happened - who were the target of the threats by the man armed with the automatic pistol and wearing a balaclava.


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