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Vucic talks about the meeting in Washington: Recognition of Kosovo is not, nor will it be, a topic

"We will talk, we never ran away from that," the president of Serbia stated

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Aleksandar Vučić

Photo: Printscreen/Youtube/Tanjug

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic says that recognizing Kosovo in Washington, which were the headlines in certain media, has not and never will be a topic.

Regarding whether Pristina realizes that there is no solution without compromise, Vucic said that he thinks a game is being played and that they are also playing their internal games.

"There is no essential solution, which I could think of, that would be acceptable equally to both sides. In any case, we will fight for our country with all our heart," he said.

"It's our job to pursue a normal policy and to protect our country. And our ancestors knew how to defend the country, it's a game of chess and a serious game that you play with much stronger players. For all those who talk all sorts of things regarding Kosovo's independence, stop lying and let responsible and serious people do their job," said the president.

As he said, he does not wish to offend anyone, and pointed out that (US president's special envoy) Grenell is focused on the economy.

"No matter how it ends, it's important that we remain unharmed in the elephant fight. We will not fight with Germany and America," said Vucic and added that there is a big conflict between America and Germany.

"We will talk, we never ran away from that," Vucic said.

As he pointed out, he talked many times both with Putin, and with Grenell and Lajcak, while Serbia will not listen to what does not suit her - but must show respect.

"I have five telephone conversations from Europe and around the world scheduled for today, it's not an easy period ahead of us, but we will know how to fight for our national interests. We will strive to successfully protect our state and national interests. I ask people to judge the deeds when it comes to the issue of Kosovo and Metohija and the economy. I expect a good conversation with Lajcak, an excellent visit to Russia, and we will see if the Albanians will respect what Grenell has said about not trying to join international organizations, because Thaci never accepted that. I offered it for four years, and now we have heard that they suddenly accepted, so we will see," said Vucic.


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