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BMW ran red light, collided with van? Accident in front of Serbian government leaves 2 dead

Eight more people have been injured

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At traffic accident occurred at around 6 am this morning on the corner of Nemanjina and Kneza Milosa streets in Belgrade, in which two people have been killed so far, while eight have been injured.

A van and a BMW passenger car were involved in this crash.

It is suspected that the traffic accident occurred when the driver of the BMW car passed through a red light and collided with the van.

Saobracajna nesreca, Vlada republike Srbije

Photo: Telegraf

Police officers and members of the Sector for Emergency Situations are at the site, the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia announced.

The investigation is ongoing, and by 8:30 am everything was removed from in front of the Serbian government building.

Video: Firefighters cut through a car in front of the Serbian government, inside which a person is trapped


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