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Croatia announces 14-day isolation for travelers: Decision made due to imported cases from Serbia

Croatians have announced which rules will apply until further notice when it comes to entry of Serbian citizens

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The National Civil Protection HQ of Croatia announced at a news conference today its decision to continue the special regime of entry into Croatia of persons coming from Bosnia-Herzegovina, so-called Kosovo, Serbia and North Macedonia.

"Those persons will be under obligation to stay in self-isolation in their own home, i.e. in another appropriate space for a period of 14 days. The obligation of self-isolation does not apply to passengers who transit through these countries before entering Croatia," it is stated.

As announced, the decision was made after coronavirus cases were imported from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and so-called Kosovo.

"Decisions are made based on opinions and recommendations of the medical professionals, primarily epidemiologists. These decisions have just been made in accordance with the state of the epidemic in neighboring countries," it was stated at the press conference.


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