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New measures are in force: Masks are mandatory indoors in Belgrade, and in two other cities

The largest number of infected people since the beginning of the epidemic was confirmed yesterday in Kraljevo

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Photo: Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch

Wearing protective masks is mandatory starting this morning at 6 o'clock in all closed spaces in Belgrade. However, it is not the only city where this obligation is now in force - namely, the same is true of Uzice and Vranje, as of yesterday.

Wearing masks in Belgrade, both in public transport vehicles and in all other closed spaces, was introduced yesterday during a session of the Crisis HQ for the fight against coronavirus. Authorities said that complying with this measure will be controlled in the first week, and then sanctions will be considered - if citizens do not adhere to the decision.

Starting yesterday, masks are mandatory in Uzice as well. As RTS reports, according to the latest information, the virus has been confirmed in 5 more people in that city yesterday, so there are now a total of 167 cases. For comparison, on June 19, that number was 55.

Jelena Rakovic-Radivojevic, a doctor in the Uzice hospital where 34 patients are receiving treatment, said that most of them have a mild clinical picture, while that 9 have severe symptoms.

"Of that number, 4 are on ventilators. In general, most have a milder clinical picture. We are doing everything so that with the new organization and new capacities, these patients get everything they need, both in terms of diagnostics and in terms of therapy," she said.

Further growth of the disease is expected in Uzice, as results for 263 newly tested persons are expected to come in.

Due to the growth in the number of patients an emergency situation was declared in Novi Pazar, where coronavirus has been flaring up since the beginning of June; an emergency situation has also been declared in Kragujevac, and as of yesterday, in Vranje.

103 patients in Vranje hospital

Measures that apply to residents of Belgrade starting this morning also apply to those in Vranje - it is mandatory to wear a mask in indoor spaces, maintain physical distance, and measure body temperature when entering public facilities.

In the Pcinj District 50 samples have been tested, 17 of which came back positive for coronavirus, according to the latest data. All those infected are from Vranje.

103 patients suffering from Covid-19 are hospitalized in the Vranje hospital, there have been 13 admissions since last night, but there were also discharges yesterday, RTS reported.

Most positive cases in Kraljevo since the beginning of epidemic

The number of patients is also growing in Kraljevo where the greatest number of infected people since the beginning of the epidemic was registered yesterday. Out of 33 samples tested, 16 came back positive.

As of June 17, 60 cases of Covid-19 have been registered, and that number has now exceeded the total number of registered cases in March, April and May. These days, only those with symptoms of Covid-19 are being tested in Kraljevo, while epidemiologist Radoslav Cekanac, who is the coordinator of the city emergency HQ, assesses that there are probably 5 to 10 times more infected people who have no symptoms.

However, Belgrade is still the biggest hotspot of coronavirus, with two thirds of the total number of cases.

Video: New measures of the Crisis HQ: Masks are mandatory, distance is changing, ban on visits to hospitals


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