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These are photos of police officers injured in protests: Stab wounds, skull fracture, bandaged head

43 police officers were injured during last night's protest in Belgrade

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Last night we witnessed the most brutal political violence in the last few years, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said during his address at a news conference. Great damage has been done to the reputation of Serbia, but also great material damage. Last night, 43 police officers were injured, and one of them has a skull fracture.

"At the politically unregistered protest, after some time, members of right-wing, extremist and pro-fascist organizations attacked the (National) Assembly, which amounts to at least two criminal acts, and they were attacking members of the police for several hours," said Vucic.

He showed a number of photographs of police officers who were injured in last night's protest, noting that he will also show what the one who got stabbed looks like.

Vucic said that the police did not attack anyone.

Among the photos was the one showing a policeman with his head bandaged.

The police were forced, for the first time in the last eight years, to react as they came under attack, said Vucic.


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