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Vucic after video summit with Merkel and Macron: We had a difficult conversation

He addressed the media after the summit

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Aleksandar Vučić

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The video the summit about Kosovo and Metohija, hosted by President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, ended today at around 10:30 am, with President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic having participated in it.

He addressed the media after the summit.

About the protests

"Since 2017, we have had some protest every day and there have never been any problems, until the moment they tried to break into the Assembly and started to beat the police. We are a free country and you can do whatever you want, but it is so stupid and irresponsible health-wise to call on people to take the streets at a time when we have a most terrible infection.

Today is convincingly the worst day since the beginning of the epidemic, we are seeing the consequences of the behavior from 4-5 days ago, and the consequences of that which happened last night we are yet to see. You come to power in elections and you protest to your heart's content when the epidemic is over," said Vucic.

About the summit

Vucic said that he expects France and Germany to come out with their presidential statements that will contain their positions.

"When you say, Serbia and Kosovo, we ask that you write Belgrade and Pristina, and I have stressed that several times. We have a difficult road ahead of us, so those who think they can easily take everything from Serbia, while Serbia gets nothing will also not have it easy. I am proud of our team in any case," said the president.

Regarding the position of Merkel and Macron, he said that they were fair and knew what was realistic and possible and what was not.

"I cannot say that we were exposed to pressure from their side in any way, unlike from the Albanian (side). We will have to talk, and it's not easy to talk to someone who lives outside of reality, and when they tells you that the goal is to repeal (UN Security Council) Resolution 1244, they can't say why," he said.

Vucic added that it was a difficult conversation and that the Albanians came up with a list of demands which includes preservation of the territorial integrity of so-called Kosovo, preservation of its so-called constitution, permanent mutual recognition, Pristina's membership in the UN, and for other EU countries to recognize Kosovo.


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