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Many Croatian officials end up in self-isolation after wedding of a general's daughter

The state secretary was at the "corona wedding" and after that she was in contact with the minister of education, which is why she is now in self-isolation

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Photo: Tanjug/AP

Croatian Minister of Science and Education Blazenka Divjak received an order for self-isolation and emergency testing for coronavirus, after consulting with epidemiologists today, while all employees in the ministry received the same order after State Secretary Ivana Franic tested positive for coronavirus - the ministry announced today.

Jutarnji List writes that Ivana Franic was one of the guests at a wedding in Zadar, and was then during last week regularly showing up for to work at the ministry and was in contact with a certain number of people, as well as with Minister Divjak herself, who confirmed it. The minister confirmed that she was tested for coronavirus today and that she is now waiting for the results.

"When I found out that State Secretary Franic was in Zadar in the wedding and that she was not in self-isolation after that, on Friday afternoon I sent her an e-mail to get tested. Yes, I was in contact with her last week as well," Divjak confirmed briefly.

She also pointed out that "literally all employees in the Ministry of Science and Education" including state secretaries and assistants, must go into self-isolation until July 22. All of them also underwent coronavirus testing.

According to media reports, Ivana Franic is being mentioned these days as a potential future Minister of Science and Education in the new government.

The newspaper 24sata.hr writes that Franic was in the wedding of the daughter of a Croatian general in Zadar, where several people got infected. The paper also states that Franic's husband is the chief of staff of the said general. Her husband, a colonel in the Croatian army, did not want to comment on whether he attended the wedding.

"I wouldn't comment. My wife is sick, I am not infected and I do not need to comment on that and create further unrest. If she is sick, it is not fair to spread the story about it, brakes should be put on that a little bit because it can happen to anyone. I’m on vacation, I’m at home and we're not spreading anything. She is a patient and I ask you to respect that," Ivana Franic's husband told 24sata.hr.

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