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Memorial plaque unveiled, street named in Belgrade after Ante Pavelic's assassin Blagoje Jovovic

Blagoje Jovovic beat the Yugoslav secret service and the Mossad to the punch. Driven by vengeance, he attacked Ante Pavelic

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Blagoja Jovovica Street is located in Zemun, Belgrade, where his monument will also be erected, on the corner with Zadrugarska Street. The Commission for Street Names decided to name the former Zagorska Street after this Chetnik fighter from Montenegro who emigrated to Argentina after the Second World War.

While in Buenos Aires, Jovovic discovered that the leader of the so-called Independent State of Croatia (NDH), Ante Pavelic, was also in that city, hiding. Driven by the desire to take revenge against the chief architect of the genocide perpertated against Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia during the WW2 occupation, Jovovic plotted an assassination plan on his own.

At the same time, the Yugoslav secret service was looking for Pavelic, but also the secret services of what were now Yugoslav republics: Croatia and Serbia. Pavelic was also being hunted down by Israel's Mossad, because Jews were also among the victims of the extermination effort of the Independent State of Croatia.

On April 10, 1957, Jovovic shot Pavelic in front of a house where he was hiding. The severely wounded NDH leader fled, and soon moved from Argentina to Franco's fascist Spain, where he died two years later from the consequences of the wounds inflicted on him by Jovovic.


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