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Hyseni: Belgrade-Pristina agreement to be reached in 12 months

He said that if internal political unity for not achieved for the dialogue, Kosovo could lose another ten years

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Skender Hiseni

Photo: Profimedia/AFP

Pristina's coordinator for the dialogue with Belgrade, Skender Hyseni, assessed last night that an agreement will be reached in 12 months and that in that period there will either be mutual recognition or the process will completely fail.

"This is not about years, but months. We expect an agreement with mutual recognition within 12 months or this whole process will fail. Everything at the international level speaks of a moment which Kosovo and Serbia must seize in order to make progress. I don't know if Serbia understood that, but if it intends to integrate into the EU, it should," Hyseni told TV Klan Kosova.

He added that he would insist on intensive talks in coordination with the EU, the United States and Paris.

He said that if internal political unity is not achieved for the dialogue, so-called Kosovo could lose another ten years.

Hyseni assessed that this scenario "threatens to take (so-called) Kosovo among countries with an unfinished status, such as Palestine," reports Kosovo Online.

He denied that there are voices within the ruling coalition that opposed his appointment as the dialogue coordinator.

"Haradinaj Stubla is member of the government and has a place to turn to, and as for the coordinator, I am not aware that any of the coalition partners opposed such a decision," Hyseni said.


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