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Darija Kisic's harsh response when asked if Red Star and Serbia will play in front of fans

"In the coming period, we have only one important match, the fight against coronavirus," Dr. Kisic pointed out

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Video: Kisic Tepavcevic: Our most important match is against coronavirus, not against Scotland

Darija Kisic Tepavcevic, a member of the Crisis HQ, said today at a press conference dedicated to the coronavirus epidemic, that the ban on allowing supporters to attend football games in stadiums remains in force.

She was asked whether it will be possible to allow a limited number of fans to attend Red Star's Europa League matches in Belgrade, when the club plays against Liberec, Gent and Hoffenheim, and whether Serbia's national team will will be able to count on the support of fans in the key match, to be played against Scotland, for a spot in the European Championships.

Her answer was harsh for both Red Star and Serbia fans, but she believes that in a time when people are dying, others must be patient in wanting to return to normal activities.

"In the coming period, we have only one important match, the fight against coronavirus. And as far as these measures are concerned, that can be considered, but the increase in the frequency of any type is a risk factor. At one point, we allowed it but at the time clear measures were prescribed that were eventually not respected. I don't want to go into who's to blame, but they were not respected. There were even jokes on social media because of my statement that tickets were being sold online. We don't want to take that kind of risk anymore. It turned out that we were not responsible and conscientious enough. What I am saying is very unpopular. We hope that the epidemiological situation will improve, so that rules can relax."

A journalist then asked if it was possible to allow at least 1,000 fans to be presented in a stadium that has 50,000 seats - but Dr. Kisic remained firm.

"In the last 24 hours, three people passed away, that should be a cause for concern to us all. We do miss normal life, but we better be patient now so that we can enjoy it later," concluded Darija Kisic Tepavcevic.


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