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Ex supporter group leader Alibeg wounded in New Belgrade: There have been 4 attempts to kill him

He was shot last January, in June 2019, and during 2010

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Photo: Shutterstock, MUP

Nenad "Alibeg" Alajbegovic (39), a former leader of supporters of Partizan Football Club, was shot last night in New Belgrade. According to the media, he was wounded in the chest and legs, and transported to the Emergency Center in a taxi.

This is the second time this year that Alibeg has been shot at, while two more attempts at his life were made on him before. He was wounded on January 25 in New Belgrade, and doctors were at the time fighting to save his life.

Nenad Alajbegović

Nenad Alajbegovic / Photo: Telegraf, MUP

As sources from the investigation revealed to the media then, the former leader of supporters suspected last winter that someone was following him and that he could soon become the target of an attack.

"He decided to install surveillance cameras on the building where he lives, which had not been installed before. He hired and paid a company that did that. He had been attacked and threatened before. It wasn't all the same, but he continued to do as before," a source told Srpski Telegraf.

But it was not enough. Alibeg was with a friend at the time of the attack last January. A masked assailant approached him and fired several shots from a pistol with a silencer.

"The attacker was hiding behind a car when he fired. He fired several shots, one of which hit Alibeg in the chest. The attacker and Alibeg's acquaintance, who had lured him to approach him, immediately fled, while his friend took him to the Emergency Center in a car," a source from the investigation told Informer last year.

Alibeg was wounded for the fourth time last night. An unknown assailant shot at him in June 2019, also in New Belgrade. At that time, Nenad did not want to cooperate with the police, so the motive for the attack remained unknown. He said briefly that he did not know who would attack him and why, because, allegedly, he "had no quarrel with anybody." He also barely escaped death from a bullet in 2010.

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