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Cameras record killing of Uskokovic: Murderer disguised as an old man lurked in the dark for 3 hours


Video footage from several locations "caught" an elderly man, who limps and supports himself with a walking stick

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Zoran Uskoković

Photo: Facebook/Zoran Uskokovic

A review of the footage from a dozen surveillance cameras installed on surrounding buildings showed that the killer waited patiently for Zoran Uskokovic (22) for at least three hours before shooting him dead in Kanarevo Brdo in Belgrade on Saturday just before midnight, Novosti writes.

Video footage from several locations "caught" an elderly man, who limps and supports himself with a walking stick. However, the last camera, which recorded the killing itself, also captured the moment after the murder when the "elderly person" turns into an athletic man and runs away from the crime scene.

All these details show that the murder of Uskokovic was thoroughly prepared, that it was done by a professional killer and that the young man was ambushed in a place where he felt almost safe. Uskokovic was killed as he was walking towards his mother's home.

He parked his Audi Caravan behind a store and literally proceeded to meet his killer. The shooter, who pretended to be an old man, shot him in the head as he passed him by.

"There is no doubt that the killer either had an accomplice waiting in the car somewhere nearby, or a 'burner pad' in that part of Borska Street, where he changed his clothes," said a source close to the investigation:

"It is still hard to talk about the motives behind the murder of young Skole. We are still investigating. There is no file, but there are certain contacts that we are now examining in detail."

The young man was on his way to see his mother, who lives in one of the nearby buildings, on the night between Saturday and Sunday. No one heard the shots, so it is believed that the killer used a silencer.

Video: This is where a 22-year-old man was killed in Kanarevo Brdo


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