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Srdjan Djokovic: Kosovo is our holy land, I envy how Albanians and Croats fight for themselves

Emotional words from the father of the world's best tennis player

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Srđan Đoković

Printscreen: Youtube/TV HAPPY

Srdjan Djokovic, the father of the world's best tennis player, was a guest on TV Happy where he shared his first impressions after Novak's triumph in Melbourne. He was quite emotional, pointing out that Novak was a God-sent in the most difficult time for Serbia, which was being destroyed with bombs and sanctions.

Srdjan's emotions were especially obvious when he was asked about Novak's stance towards Kosovo and how the Serbs in the southern Serbian province welcome him.

"Novak receives fantastic welcome in Kosovo, he was there last a long time ago, tens of thousands of Serbs gathered in Mitrovica. He never attacked Albanians, he only supported his people. Kosovo is the purpose of our existence on this earth. Kosovo has over 2,000 monasteries, it is our holy land, like Jerusalem for the Jews. I have nothing against Albanians, I even envy them on the way they defend their national interests, well done to them. I would give anything for my people to fight for their national interests in the same way, for those personal interests to be reversed and to return to national interests, which have been lost in this country."

Once again, Srdjan said that Serbs should unite as a people, that national interests should be put ahead of personal ones, and that Novak should be an example.

"What I spoke about just needs to come back, for the nation and the people to be back as the top priority, that is the only way we can win in this unjust world. The personal interest that is prevailing must be set aside, but the nation and the people are a priority, without that we can do nothing. I envy Albanians and Croats, they behave like that, they propagate their flag wherever they go. How many Serbs are there and how big is our diaspora in the world? I don't even dare say how many Serbs there are in Turkey. Why? No one cares about them, whether they are this or that? But they are Serbs! It is high time to come to our senses, because without that we will be destroyed, everyone around us is against us. Only all of us united together can cope with this," said Srdjan.

Video: Srdjan Djokovics testimony: Novak would jump out of bed because of NATO bombs, during the Australia Open final I was driving around the city


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