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Ruzic to students after huge corona party: "I understand your need to have fun, but avoid this"

The party was organized on Sunday in Studentski Grad in Belgrade

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Reacting to a recent gathering of students, First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development Branko Ruzic appealed on them to refrain from mass gatherings and parties and respect the state measures which are the only chance to defeat coronavirus and return to normal life.

"While I understand the need to have fun and relax, I am appealing on you to avoid any circumstances in which the virus will win and we will lose," Ruzic underlined and added that the least we can do for an already overburdened healthcare system is to, by respecting the government's measures, show solidarity with everyone working in there, from doctors, through nurses, to every member of the non-medical staff.

"In this way, each beautiful occasion and socializing that is characteristic of us will be farther and farther away, and we must not allow that, especially not now when the state is doing what hardly anyone in the world is succeeding at - providing a way out of this situation," the minister said.

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