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Local hotel reopens terrace on Mt. Javor: See what this "idyll" looks like under the snow

Although cafe and restaurant gardens have reopened in Serbia this week, that is not exactly working out due to the weather

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After a few weeks of taking a "break", i.e., not being allowed to open their doors because of coronavirus, hospitality establishments in Serbia have once again been allowed to work, but only by reopening their outdoor areas. However, due to the weather, not everyone could actually do it.

In most parts of Serbia, snow has been falling since Tuesday afternoon, which today left a white blanket on the roofs of buildings, on cars, tables and chairs in restaurant gardens. Even though it's April, it doesn't feel like it.

Just as owners of cafes and restaurants finally got a chance to earn some money in addition to revenues from counter sales, something that has also been approved recently, the cold weather and snow decided to drive the patrons away.

One Facebook user "reported" from the Javor Hotel, located on the slopes of the mountain by the same name, and joked about the whole situation. "Here, Hotel Javor also reopened its terrace," he wrote.

Dr. Predrag Kon, an epidemiologist and a member of the Crisis HQ, also spoke about the reopening of cafe and restaurant gardens, and the snow, to say,  "it's not like we wanted it to snow, but that's how it turned out."

However, hospitality establishments managed to take advantage of two or three previous days, when the weather was cool, but relatively fair, especially those in the town on the Morava River. In Cacak, people rushed to the gardens of their favorite cafes and restaurants, after a break of almost 20 days.

Kon added that "the favorable situation we are in must be made use of." Opening hours of service facilities are currently from 6 am to 10 pm.

Video: First April snow falls in Rijeka

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